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Sample Client Testimonials


Ron Welty

Founder & Chief Client Officer


“Marc was a pleasure to work with, very professional, a great communicator, knows his business, and most importantly, brought us the results of our public relations project that we had hoped for when we hired him!”

David Bruno


Secure Swiss Data

"Marc is an excellent, client-friendly public relations professional with superior communications skills and an innate ability to develop the right tactics to achieve a desired outcome, and to avoid some of the missteps that can impede success. I strongly recommend him for any challenging role." 

Julian Bashore

General Manager and Representative Director, Japan, MacDermid Performance Solutions

"Marc has assisted our firm with communications - both for an external audience and for internal stakeholders. He is a talented wordsmith who is able to spin the message appropriately (depending on the intended audience) and deliver highly effective content. I commend Marc highly for his individualized approach toward each client's prose and quick turnaround every time."

Dmitry Kochman

Serial Entrepreneur & Marketer | CEO


"Marc was our PR adviser for several months. He created numerous press releases for our Internet Social Television Network (Strimm TV), successfully pitched the media community and provided communications advice. We were impressed with the quality of his work and with his experience. He is an extraordinary person. Highly recommended."

Peris Kimani M. MBA

Founder / Director at Silicon Valley

"Marc is the consummate strategic communications leader. He has outstanding oral and written communications skills, is highly creative and always knows how to match time and resources with organizational goals. He's an expert at devising sound, long-term strategies to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead. He's also personable, considerate and keeps his ego well in check. He's an exceptional professional."

Tamir Aldad


Mindful Urgent Care

"Exceeded our expectations and did an exceptional job. Very loyal and committed to the project. Responsive to email and strong communicator. Genuinely interested in doing a good job and producing results. We were quite pleased that we used his services."

Heather Vescent
President and CEO
The Purple Tornado

"Marc had great PR insights and advice for me to add to my strategy to see the bigger picture."

Carey Landis
Business Owner, SaaS Maker & Cloud Computing Engineer Chief, SAIC

"Marc did an outstanding job of writing a press release that conveyed a highly complex topic in a creative way that was easy to understand. The press release jumps off the page as they say. I'm very pleased! I would highly recommend Marc!"

Alex Judd

Account Director

Bluepost Digital

"Marc took on the PR for an IT Pro report [from Kensington Computer] faced with short deadlines and a less than perfect story for media. However, his knowledge of relevant titles and diligence meant good coverage was still gained - despite the barriers. Would definitely recommend Marc."

Art Brown

CEO at S&A Financial

"Marc is a highly creative, entrepreneurial leader, with a great marketing sense that was very helpful to our small online commercial real estate brokerage firm. With a very limited budget, he created a Web site for us, got us traction on social media, especially Twitter, and launched our firm's first Web-based advertising. All of this helped increase our pipeline of potential deals five-fold. I highly recommend Marc for any organization large or small. He knows how to achieve the most with the least amount of resources."

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